About Us

RokiDiva. It’s a new name with an inspiring story.

When we were getting ready to bring our products to market, we wanted to tell a story that reflected our values and our hopes for the future. RokiDiva captures that essence in an interesting way. Named in part in tribute to an early feminist of the Indian Subcontinent, Roquia Begum was made famous in her fight for gender equality and for the founding of the first school aimed primarily at Muslim girls. That fight began over a hundred years ago. The Diva part of the name to us suggests the modern woman. She is stylish, in control, and knows what she wants.

About the Company:
Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, RokiDiva is a maker of high quality leather hand bags. Founded in 2008, RokiDiva is committed to producing high quality designer handbags.


RokiDiva delivers artful leather handbags, which are synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication. Each product is executed with meticulous attention to detail and flawless craftsmanship. In addition to designing handbags, the company also produces leather accessories such as belts, wallets, laptop and portable netbook cases. These handbags are a cut above the competition; incomparable in quality and craftsmanship without compromising style and elegance.


RokiDiva’s handbags symbolize the modern woman’s conception of the handbag: as fashion apparel that serves to express each and every woman’s sense of style and character, while holding the practical function of a medium of transport. Every product, be it technological, functional or aesthetic in nature, must undergo evolution in its own appropriate form to suit the needs and sensibilities of the ever-changing world. Drawing from a wide spectrum of inspirations to create a blend of Eastern and Western design spirit, we endeavour to retain the classic elements of the modern handbag with the infusion of innovative elements at every possible moment. As a result our products are balanced expressions of tradition, style and innovation, passionately awaiting the acknowledgement of the modern, stylish woman.


Our Commitment to the Environment:

All leather that we use to make our products, comes exclusively from animals raised on food farms and under no circumstances come from animals sacrificed exclusively for the sale of their hide. Moreover:

  • We have an eco-friendly business model.
  • We produce less waste and we recycle.
  • Our commitment extends to all the people who are involved.
  • We have a environmentally aware team.
  • Most importantly, all of our products are made in a sweat-shop free environment without child labour.
Other Policies and Information:
Please review our Refund Policy and our Privacy Policy.