Why Do I Post About Purses?

If you follow me on Facebook, did you ever wonder why do I post about purses and handbags?

No, it’s not because I’ve accidentally clicked a spammy link one time or signed up for a affiliate program.

RokiDiva is part of my family. My good friend Shafin started the company along with his brother back in Bangladesh as a way to give back to the people back home. I’ve been involved ever since he asked me to take some pictures of the bags and I took over the online presence of the company. We meet and talk about purses almost every day, which is not something I thought I’d be doing when we got started about 3 years ago.

My wife, my family, and my work colleagues have all contributed positive feedback, constructive criticism, and even helped name a few designs.

As we move through the busy holiday season, I want everyone to know about this nice little company that has turned down opportunities to grow quickly in favour of keeping our core values intact: child-labour-free, sweatshop-free, ethically sourced leather, and everything made in Shafin’s family-run shop in Dhaka. We are committed to paying better than average wages to the workers who make our handbags.

Big things are coming for this little company and we’re working every night and weekend to make a positive difference in the lives of a few more people.

My sincerest thanks to all who have already bought the bags. You’ve ensured that this small experiment was able to grow into something viable and sustainable.

For everyone else, take a chance on one of our products. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll do what we can to make it right. You’ll see that you can have stylish, affordable handbags that are made without resorting to dangerous, unethical practices.Check them out at http://www.rokidiva.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask anytime!


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